Existing Facilities In
Satguru Casting Company

Pattern Shop

Well Equipped In-house Pattern Shop for Inspection of New Patterns and Reconditioning of Old Wooden and Aluminium Patterns.

Molding Shop

Complete Facilities of Hand Molding for Sodium Silicate CO2 Process and also Chemically Bonded Sand Process for Molding and Core Making.

Melting Shop

Medium Frequency 175 KW Introduction Furnace with 150 Kg, 300 Kg, and 500 Kg. Crucible Medium Frequency 1250 KW Dual Track Induction Furnace is being commissioned.

Fettling Shop

Equipped In-house with Pencil Hand Grinders to Heavy Swing Frame and Electric/Pneumatic Angle Grinders, Pneumatic Chipping Machines, Shot Blasting, Arc Air Gouging, Welding Facilities with Rectifiers, Electrode Baking and Carrying Ovens, all Welders are Qualified with Individual Material Grade wise WPS, WPQ and PQR.

Heat Treatment Shop

One Five Ton Electrically Heated PID Controlled Furnace for Normalizing, Water Quenching and Oil Quenching Facility.

One Two Ton Electrically Heated Tempering Furnace with Fan Facility to facilitate Temperature uniformity.

One Ten Ton oil Fired Auto Controlled Heat Treatment Furnace is being commissioned with Water Quenching facility.

Quality Control

Chemical Laboratory:
Full Fledged Chemical Laboratory to perform Wet Analysis, Optical Emission direct reading Spectrometer with 24 channels is being set up.

Physical Laboratory:
Equipped wit NABL, Calibrated 40 Tons Tensile Testing Machine, Facility available for BHN and Portable Hardness Measurement, Impact Testing facility includeing Sub-Zero impact Testing.

Sand Testing:
Equipped with complete range of sand Testing Equipment including Grain Fineness, Clay, Permeability, Moisture Determination, Universal Sand Strength, Mould and Core Harness Measurement.

Non-Destructive Test:
"In house facility or Ultrasonic and Magnetic Particle Inspection including Dye Penetrant Inspection.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Carbon Steel
Low Alloy Steel
Austenitic Manganese Steel
Heat Resistant Steel
Martensitic Stainless Steel
Stainles Steel
Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steel
High Chromium Cast Iron
Ni Hard Martensitic Cast Iron

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